In the Media

This page lists selected articles where I have provided direct quotes to journalists. Articles which only reference my tweets, website, or content from press releases are not included.

2023-03-08: Disturbed polar vortex bringing delayed dose of winter to eastern U.S. The Washington Post,

2023-02-17: A polar vortex disruption is underway. What it means is up in the air. The Washington Post,

2023-02-14: Polar Vortex Set To Be Disrupted: How Will It Impact Our Weather? WOAY-TV,

2023-02-10: An event high above the Arctic may turn winter sharply colder in U.S., Europe. Axios,

2023-02-09: How a predicted polar-vortex disruption could spur winter’s revenge. The Washington Post,

2023-01-06: Warm weather pushes Northern Hemisphere snow cover to near record lows. The Washington Post,

2022-07-23: London hit 104 degrees. What is that like for your city? The Washington Post,

2022-07-22: Climate modellers say a second 40C peak is a possibility in an extreme August heatwave. The i,

2022-07-19: The World Is Burning Once Again. The Atlantic,

2022-07-19: Analysis: How the UK’s ‘insane’ 40C heat was forecast ‘weeks in advance’. Carbon Brief,

2022-07-19: UK heatwave: Temperature crosses 40°C. Down to Earth,

2022-07-09: Britain could reach 40C by mid-July, forecast computer models predict for first time. Sky News,

2021-01-07: The polar vortex has just been disrupted. What does this bode? Mashable,

2020-09-11: Orange skies across UK caused by California wildfires burning 5,000 miles away. The Telegraph,

2020-06-20: UK summers to regularly reach 40C by end of the century, Met Office says. The Telegraph,

2020-02-16: The link between climate change and Britain’s winter storms. The Sunday Times,

2019-08-11: Extreme weather in the UK: what have we done to deserve it? The Times,

2018-08-03: As Britain braces for more scorching temperatures this weekend: Why the 2018 heatwave could be on course to beat the infamous summer of 1976. MailOnline,

2018-07-27: Can we expect lots more heatwaves in the future, and is this the new normal? The Independent,

2018-05-24: Why has Britain had such extreme weather? Scientists reveal how it’s down to the ‘North Atlantic Oscillation’. MailOnline,

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