Site Status

2020-11-11: Site now working normally, thanks for your patience.

2020-11-10: Ongoing storage issues are causing some issues with the site.

2020-11-09: GFS/GEFS failed for some reason, will try to fix ASAP. GEFS extended-range worked.

2020-11-08: Site working normally.

2020-11-07: Some of the site has failed to update today following a storage disk issue.

2020-10-28: Site working normally.

2020-10-27: NCEP report that NOMADS has now been restored after the prolonged outage. The site should update as normal, though due to absence of backfill the GEFS 35-day will only update on the morning of 2020-10-28.

2020-10-24: Latest update from NCEP states NOMADS restoration due Monday 26th. Unfortunately the site will be out of date until the service is restored.

2020-10-23: Updates may be severely delayed or not occur today due to issues with the data flow at NOMADS.