Media Appearances


July 25: Time/Bloomberg comments about the record-breaking European heatwave (

January 14: Sky News discussing extreme snowfall over the Alps and the Sudden Stratospheric Warming.


October 12: That’s TV Thames Valley discussing the IPCC Special Report and what it means for our daily lives (

August 3: MailOnline quotes about 2018 vs. 1976 heatwaves and climate context (

July 27: BBC Radio 5 Live discussing the UK heatwave and providing climate change context. BBC Radio Berkshire discussing the forecast and possibility of record temperatures.

July 22: Viral tweet comparing global temperatures during the UK heatwaves of 1976 and 2018 ( The tweet made various media appearances including the July 25 print edition of the Daily Mail and gained over 14,000 likes and retweets.

May 31: BBC Radio Berkshire discussing the forecast of thundery showers and a Met Office amber warning.

May 24: MailOnline “Why has Britain had such extreme weather?” (