Climate visuals

In recent years, I have tried to find new ways of visualising and communicating climate change, particularly on Twitter. Several of these have gone viral and been replicated elsewhere. This page contains my tweets which have gained the most attention or those I like best. Check out the full threads of each tweet for further details.

Global warming is not spatially uniform (30 July 2022)

Hottest days of the year are getting hotter (19 July 2022)

Putting 40°C into context (18 July 2022)

A 2050 weather forecast comes true in 2022 (15 July 2022)

1998 used to look hot (14 September 2021)

The warmest year of your life so far (14 January 2021)

Cold summers are seemingly extinct (22 July 2019)

Global climate context of the heatwaves in 1976 and 2018 (22 July 2018)

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